How to dress your best with pictures

Before you buy anything, you need to establish what your own wonderful, unique style is.Try flipping through a few clothing magazines and seeing what type of clothes stand out to you.Grunge prints?Lacy victorian pieces?Clean cut solids?You decide.Once you have a general idea of the clothes you like give it a name.It doesn’t have to simply be ‘prep’ or ‘goth’.Those labels are limiting.You could go with ‘feminine preppy grunge’ or ‘chic rocker’.Whatever fits you.You could even go with ‘mod hippie gothic glam’.Ross’s and even thrift shops like goodwill have tons of cool clothes.You just have to look a little.You don’t want to end up with tons of cute clothes that are completely useless with each other!So here they are:

Jeans go with everything except other jean pieces.Please people, do not go about mixing jean vests with skinny jeans.It doesn’t look right.

There’s the basic rule of matching a solid with a pattern.Nowadays you can wear two patterns together and pull it off.Just remember to keep the same color scheme going, and to have the patterns be in a different scale(Small little flowers and small little skulls do not mix).

Use neutral colors in clothes to balance out the bolder ones.Neutral colors are:Black, white, brown, beige, and navy.

Do not wear extremely baggy clothing(Except if it’s being balanced out by a tighter fitting piece), and do not wear all clothing that you can hardly move in.Make it comfy and True Religion Jeans UK it will work.

Do not wear the same outfit over and over again.That’s why you’ve got the basics that were laid out to you earlier.Mix and match!

Accessories should be uniform and contain a piece(Color, texture, pattern. )Uniting it all.

Try not to wear what everyone else is wearing just because they are.It’s okay to try a trend, but only if you like it.

Take risks! “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly. -Robert kennedy.This doesn’t mean stray from your school’s dress code, but try True Religion Outlet the messy prints and new style.You could even be a trend starter here!

For more fashion tips and advice watch shows like what not to wear.

Try to go to stores like forever 21, heritage, wet seal, and sometimes holister(For t’s, sweats, and sweat shorts)These stores have cheap clothes that look really great too!Some stores you can go to if you have a lot of money are, guess, arden b, true religion(For jeans), Karen Millen, and much more.

You need a good style to start out with, it all starts from there.If you want to go with an eye catching style, you can go with a mint green top with black shorts rolled up an inch or two at the bottom with flats or flip flops, or a tube top underneath and leather jacket,(Cropped or normal)With the same kind of shorts, and flats or flip flops.Decide whether to wear your hair up or down, depending on which looks better with your look for that day.