How to dress up Cheap True Religion Jeans your cups and other crockery

Rather than attending expensive learn to paint crockery classes to decorate your mugs and even other crockery, try using paints and permanent markers that you already have at home.Finish them off to make them last for years by using your oven like you would a kiln.Add some pizzazz to your items by using stencils available from your needlecraft shop.The only limitation is your imagination.

Decorating the handle of your chosen cup is also another creative idea.You may have seen charms or trinkets used on wine glasses.These can also be used to enhance your mugs and cups.You might like to try making your own trinkets.These can be created using different coloured beads, wire, lace or ribbons, or anything else appropriate.Remember you should remove them before cleaning the cups.

Since paint does not stick well to steel, these trankets are very suited to stainless steel mugs such as those used when travelling.For an interesting effect, permanent markers and stickers used for craft projects can be applied to the outside of the cup.Applying a layer of clear nail polish over these effects may make them last longer and preserve their appearance.Note that you should wash the cup carefully and gently.

The majority of photography stores these days will print images of friends, family and pets on to your cup.Once at home, you can then add your own personal creative effects.

There are many other ways to jazz up your cups and other crockery such as plates too.

How about creating unique coffee cup jackets to keep your beverage piping hot or, if you are an iced coffee-Lover, freezing cold.Many insulated materials can achieve both results-Keeping the mug contents hot or cold.

The fabric used to make oven Religionjeansuk mitts and pot holders is a good choice.Otherwise, you can try lined cotton and velcro for an easy and affordable cover.

An easy, interesting and environmentally friendly craft project to try is to make a coffee cup sleeve.Many coffee shops provide their customers will a piece of cardboard that they can wrap around their hot mug.This is offered to protect the customer’s hands from the heat, as well as making the cup more portable.Instead of using this, you can bring your own creation.Make your one a lot more exciting by choosing soft, comfortable material, that can be reused over and over.Add lots of colour and interest by using items found at your local needlecraft store, such as beads, sequins, ribbon and more.