Switch crew left on shoe spree

This business went on a shoe buying binge that would copycom shock carrie bradshaw.

The three black thieves who wore white masks Ralph Lauren Children Outlet UK during a $200, 000 heist at a a queen check cashing joint in 2012 spent their loot like moguls from fifth avenue to rodeo drive, based on testimony yesterday in brooklyn federal court.

Akem monsalvatge wasted no time in blowing his windfall and bought a gal pal a pair of $722 louis vuitton shoes at the developer’s 57th street store just two days after the february 2012 stickup, prosecutors talked about.

He daily paid $1, 630 for male spiked, gold rings, roscoe louboutin shoes for himself and $1, 354 on a pair for a similar girl in june of 2012.

Defendant derrick dunkley plunked down $669.58 for set of Louis Vuitton”Slalom”Sneakers in may 2012 in ny.

Edward byam forked over $615 for vuitton sneakers and paid $535 for a single louis belt exact same month at the same location.

Not content with their new york shopping options, the threesome took their wads of cash west on shopping sprees in new jersey and las vegas, prosecutor
The crew apparently blew thousands at gucci and ralph lauren stores on rodeo drive in beverly hills and did the same in vegas.

Prosecutor tiana demas presented a telling security photo of defendant akeem monsalvatge with a louis backpack, a louis suitcase set and yes, even some of louis sandals.

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